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7 ChatGPT Prompts To Approach Influential People With Ambitious Requests

Approaching influential people with ambitious requests can transform your business prospects. Utilize ChatGPT’s power to tailor your outreach and amplify your chances of success.

Short Summary:

  • Utilize ChatGPT to imagine audacious business growth and pave the way.
  • Identify and approach the right people with compelling personalized messages.
  • Optimize your follow-up approach and align your value proposition.

In the world of entrepreneurship and business growth, bold requests can pave the way to transformative success. While most people stick to safe routines, those who dare to dream big and ask audaciously tend to scale new heights. However, crafting the right messages to approach influential people is a critical skill. ChatGPT, a powerful AI tool developed by OpenAI, can help you design compelling messages to make these ambitious requests. Here are seven ChatGPT prompts that can revolutionize your approach.

1. Dream Really Big

To set ambitious goals, imagine your business ten times its current size. Reflect on the key elements – people, partnerships, and processes that could get you there. This exercise helps identify the growth areas you should focus on.

“I’m running a thought experiment to imagine my business ten times its size. My business is [describe your business] and it [describe the result you create] for [describe your dream customer]. At ten times its size, it looks like [give details on your business at this size.] Your task is to find out how this hypothetical 10x growth was achieved. One at a time, ask questions about the people, partnerships, and processes I might have put in place to grow. The goal is to unlock areas of growth that I can focus on right now.”

2. Ask the Right People

Identify role models and mentors who have achieved similar success. Learn from their journeys and craft a personalized, compelling email that their assistants can’t ignore.

“I’m looking for (real and alive) role models and mentors to inspire me on my journey to transforming my business. Given what you know about my company, how it makes an impact and for whom, name 5 role models with a similar journey, who are active today, and tell me something about their success story that will resonate. Conduct research and provide contact email addresses for these people.”

3. See It from Their Perspective

Your ask needs to resonate with the recipient who probably has zero time for you. Empathize with their perspective to ensure your message cuts through the noise.

“I want to approach [name the person] with [describe the ask]. Your task is to suggest the information I should include in the message. Give bullet points to outline (a) how I open an email (b) what I include in the message and (c) a call to action, for them to respond. Ensure this sets up an email that will hit the right mark with them and not be ignored.”

4. Follow Up the Right Way

Not everyone will respond the first time. When following up, always add value with a new angle or interesting story. Use ChatGPT to craft compelling follow-ups that grab attention.

“I don’t expect to receive a response from these people the first time I message. Your task is to outline the content for two follow-ups to each person. Using what you know about their story and interests, and my synergy with them, suggest the angle for each follow-up, and repeat for each person I will email.”

5. Choose Yourself First

Focusing on enhancing your own capabilities can make you more attractive to influential people. Use ChatGPT to remind you of your strengths and approach requests with confidence.

“Your task is to remind me what I bring to the table in a professional capacity, so I approach these bold requests from a place of completeness rather than lack. Using what you know about my professional journey, highlight my key strengths and gifts that I can mention where I deem it suitable. Become my cheerleader so I have the confidence to make these approaches.”

6. Bold Requests Open Doors

Being bold can unlock remarkable opportunities. Use ChatGPT prompts to create messages that ask the big questions and make the audacious moves no one else is daring to. Securing results starts with bold asks.

“Boldness moves mountains and bold requests open doors. Don’t fear rejection, move towards it. Dream really big and locate the right people for your mission. See your request from their perspective and follow up in the best way. Choose yourself so you meet them at their level. Ask the big questions, make the moves no one else is daring to, and secure the results that too few get. What audacious request will you make today?”

7. Leverage ChatGPT for Marketing Your Requests

Use specifically crafted ChatGPT prompts to enhance your marketing efforts. This includes personalized emails, blog posts, social media content, and even SEO-optimized articles. Here’s an additional resource on leveraging ChatGPT in marketing:


With the right approach, audacious requests can open the doors to unprecedented opportunities for your business. ChatGPT empowers you to craft personalized, compelling messages that resonate with influential people. By dreaming big, identifying the right contacts, seeing requests from their perspectives, following up intelligently, prioritizing self-improvement, and leveraging AI in marketing, you can turn ambitious visions into reality. Take that bold step today and watch how your requests transform your business success.

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