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Latest AI Images Update

Today, we’ve released a new update. These are the changes:

  1. AI Images are now 10x better and 50% cheaper!
  2. We’ve removed the option to add just a featured image. Now, the same option generates 4 images and spreads them across the article.
  3. It costs 1 additional credit to generate AI images in both modes (Quick and Godlike).
  4. Multiple AI Images are now supported even without Godlike mode selected.
  5. This change has also led to changes in our WP installation guide. Make sure you use the latest Functions.php Code.
  6. We no longer push images to your WP site directly (which was being blocked by some hosts), instead, our code now auto-sets the Images as featured image, and in-content images are auto-uploaded to your media library.
  7. This also means, if the auto-post to WP fails for some reason, you do not lose the AI images generated.
  8.’s Importer plugin that had the only con of multiple AI images not being supported, works 100% now. You can just bulk generate articles with images > download csv > upload csv into the importer plugin.

Checkout this unedited sample