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James Dooley


James Dooley is a UK Entrepreneur who has invested in

He is the founder of FatRank and built a large digital real estate portfolio.

Here is James Dooley’s reasoning for investing in

“AI writing tools are only going to become more important for SEO and after testing all the artificial intelligence writers I found to be the best AI writer. When I met Vaibhav (founder) I seen a keen, ambitious and motivated entrepreneur that could improve the tool and take it to the next level. I am very proud to be part of such an amazing AI writing tool and use for many internal projects”

James Dooley’s primary goal is to ensure his clients achieve a strong return on investment and establish fruitful working relationships. He firmly believes in maintaining a balanced and fulfilling life, advocating for spending quality time with loved ones, including family, friends, and partners.

To him, a healthy and joyous existence involves nurturing these relationships while committing dedicated effort to professional endeavors. James understands that true success comes not from making excuses but from investing time and taking the necessary actions to thrive in all aspects of life.

With a contagious smile and an unwavering determination, he continues to leave a positive mark on the digital marketing landscape and inspire those around him to embrace life’s journey with enthusiasm and authenticity.

Here are some free AI tools that James has built...

Outline Generator

Create Article Headings related to a topic.

Dup Keywords Remover

Remove Duplicate Keywords from a list of keywords.

Find Entities & Keywords

Generate list of Entities and Keywords for any topic.


James Dooley is a seasoned digital marketing expert and successful online entrepreneur hailing from the United Kingdom, boasting a remarkable 15-year journey in the industry. Throughout his career, he has fearlessly embraced challenges and learned from failures, considering them essential stepping stones on the path to growth. As the youngest of three brothers, James cherishes his close-knit bond with his siblings, who have been his trusted companions and mentors, encouraging him to step out of his comfort zone.