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Done for you...

We understand that AI content has been improving a lot since the past 2 years.
It ranks on auto pilot as well.

However, not all AI articles are perfect, and still requires human editing for faster growth, cleaner looks, and monetization approvals.

Hence, we’re offering Done-for-you packages which helps you in saving time and efforts in generating and editing AI content, by setting up a team of VAs and spending hundreds of hours to train them.

Done For You Packages


For 1000 Articles
  • Delegate the task of using the Bulk Generator in the Tool, and auto-posting it to WordPress.
  • We will take control of your site, and auto post articles on it. We'll require admin credentials to make sure everything works fine.
  • We'll also require list of keywords/ titles and categories they need to be in.
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Bulk + Autolinking
For 1000 Articles
  • We will first do the Bulk Articles, and run our proprietary Automated Internal Linking tool.
  • Internal Linking is done once all articles are published and links are created automatically between semantically related articles.
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Bulk + Autolinking + Proofreading
For 1000 Articles
  • We'll first generate articles in Bulk, Auto Link them.
  • Our team of editors will then proof read and fix each article.
  • You can define your own guidelines, which can be added to the flow over our own.
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The packages can be split to upto 4 sites ( Minimum 250 articles/ site)

Once you sign up, a Google sheet will be maintained between us.

You’ll have to share Keywords and the Categories they go into.

An example data will be provided in the Google Sheet.

Keyword research, and Expired domains can be purchased as an add-on.