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How to use Source Context in Godlike Mode

You can use “Source Context” to guide AI in a specific direction.

Watch James Dooley explaining what it does.

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Some Examples with Unedited AI Articles:

1. Background information:
Giving a brief about your business.

“EaseByAI offers WhatsApp bot services, leveraging WhatsApp’s Business API for lead generation on websites. It uses a widget that engages visitors in chat to gather lead information.”
Sample Output

2. Positive/ Negative sentiment for Review Articles with Persona:
Steer the review with your persona.

“Personal Review of by James Dooley (Founder of PromoSEO). Autoblogging is the Best AI Writing Tool because it’s heavily SEO optimized, has amazing generation modes. Articles rank easily and the tool is very straightforward.”
Sample Output

3. Target Audience:
Give information about your readers.

“Our readers are located in Sydney, Australia. They are content writers deciding whether they should use Autoblogging (Best AI Article Writer) to generate the first-draft, and edit articles to add human-touch.”
Sample Output

4. Comparisons:
Guide the AI for comparisons.

“Autoblogging is a one-click AI article writer, which is basically the best AI article writer. However, Content Veggie is a service that writes and delivers human-edited AI articles. So, both are great in their respective fields.”
Sample Output

If you liked this, do try out the Godlike mode and share your feedback with us!